Grupo Alisios

Grupo Alisios integrates the companies Euroklima and IMTC. Both companies have extensive experience in the field of technical and industrial installations and maintenance. In addition, they have a great technical team, which has a long history in this field and high motivation to excel in each project.

Our objectives


Our companies are certified as:

  • Plumbing installer
  • Installer category E9. Low voltage generating facilities
  • Refrigeration Tech level 1
  • Fire protection facilities
  • Installer and maintainer of:
      • thermal installations in buildings
      • fire detection and alarm systems
      • water supply systems
      • outdoor hydrant systems
      • fixed firefighting systems
      • dry barrel systems
      • automatic sprinkler systems and water spray
      • fixed systems for water mist
      • physical foam systems
      • powder extinguishing systems
      • gaseous extinguishing systems
      • condensed aerosol extinguishing systems
      • smoke and heat control systems
      • carbon monoxide detection systems
      • luminescent signalling systems
      • fire doors and other mechanical closures
      • other compartmentalisation systems
      • sealing of facilities passage